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Keith Ellison, other Dems arrested during protest

Keith Ellison was among five Washington lawmakers arrested this morning during a protest rally at the Sudanese embassy.  According to the Boston Globe, the protesters were asked to move behind a police line, but refused three times and were then arrested.  The other congressman arrested were James McGovern (MA), John Lewis (GA), Donna Edwards (MD), and Lynn Woolsey (CA). All are Democrats.

From the Boston Globe:

After a brief series of speeches in front of the Sudanese embassy, the Massachusetts Democrat (McGovern) and four other members of Congress stood quietly and refused to move to the other side of yellow police tape — a deliberate act they knew would get them arrested. After giving the small group of demonstrators three chances to move, police approached the lawmakers and activists and bound their wrists loosely behind their backs with plastic restraints.

The protestors were taken to a police station in northwest Washington, where they were expected to be fined $100 and released within a few hours.

McGovern — forgoing a tie and belt, which would have been confiscated before his lock-up — noted that he had been arrested three years ago for demonstrating for action in Darfur, where millions have died from sectarian violence and where the State Department has declared a genocide is underway.

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